What’s Going On In My Mouth?

There are trillions of tiny creatures living in your mouth, called microbes

The most common of these are bacteria, viruses, and fungi and they are way too small to see with your eyes.

Some of these microbes are good

Helping us fight disease, digest food, and keep our teeth clean.

Some of them are bad

Producing harmful byproducts like plaque and acid that can lead to cavities or cause infections like gum disease.

Bad microbes can even cause problems in the rest of your body - attacking areas like your brain and heart

At Bristle, we analyze all the microbes in your mouth, collectively referred to as your oral microbiome

We provide you the information you need on your oral health and risk for disease, then help you optimize with simple at-home treatments that get rid of the bad microbes and keep the good ones.

With our science-first approach, we help you avoid dental drills and cavity fillings so you can get back to doing the things you love

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