Bristle Oral Health Test

Check your oral health from the comfort of your home

Oral Health Test

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What You’ll Receive

  • Oral microbiome test with saliva collection kit
  • Report with breakdown of your mouth's health and risk for cavities and gum disease
  • Personalized treatment and lifestyle recommendations
  • Chat support from oral health professionals

How It Works

  • Complete a health survey and consent form, mail back your saliva sample - all in less than 10 minutes

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We will not sell your microbiome or personal genetic data without your consent. Our analysis does not include any data from your personal genetic information.

Bristle is the world’s first company leveraging the oral microbiome to improve oral health - all from home.

We’re developing the technology that will make it easy for you to understand and take control of your oral health - all from home.

Learn about your unique oral microbiome and its relation to a variety of health conditions with our early access program

Your feedback will play a pivotal role in helping us develop our product so that we can deliver to you the best at-home oral health checkup and care experience.

Join us and help progress scientific understanding of the oral microbiome in exciting new ways

Each discovery helps pave the way for advances in oral and overall health!


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