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Send us your saliva, know your risk for cavities and gum disease, get preventive treatments - all from home

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* The Bristle early access test is not intended to diagnose or treat disease, or to substitute for a dentist or physician’s consultation.

Our Investors

Neal Khosla
Co-Founder and CEO
Lucas Harrington
Co-Founder and CSO
Mammoth Biosciences
Matt Krisiloff
Ovid Research
Dentist Syndicate
Combined 25+ years of
experience in private practice

Our goal is to make oral care convenient, painless, and affordable

Oral Diseases

We catch the earliest signs of disease so you can avoid dental drills and root canals

Avoid Unnecessary Dental Visits

We provide your oral health checkup at home and on your schedule

Own Your Oral Health

We send personalized recommendations and treatments based on your mouth

Here’s how it works


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We’ll start with a few questions around your oral health, lifestyle, and hygiene.


Get your oral health report

We generate a report of your oral microbiome to help you understand your risk for disease. Then, we work with you to address that risk directly through personalized hygiene plans and preventive treatments.


Monitor your progress with regular testing

Track your progress with each test and see how your oral health changes over time.

Our team has broad genomics experience across commercial and research

Stay tuned in for updates on new discoveries and future product launches!